Online Application

IAPLC2019 Application

IAPLC2019 Online Entry is now open.
Please read the contest rules and regulations carefully, and agree to them before submitting your entry.

Acceptable image data

We accept only JPEG types of image data sized less than 5MB.
Please prepare the image data of your aquatic layout before entry.

・Only images in JPEG format, less than 5MB insize, is accepted (RAW data cannot be accepted).
・Do not make any image processing such as trimming or retouch. Please do not delete Exif information.
・If the image data is resized for submission, the original image data must be retained. The original data is required for top-winning entries.

 Please read below contents before going on to register.

Application Guidelines/Judges/Judging Criteria |  IAPLC2019 (PDF)

Online Application

Thank you for your applying to IAPLC 2019.
Online application flows as below.

1. Email Confirmation

Register your email address and check the confirmation email.

2. Entry Form

Fill the information needed to the entry.

3. Upload

Confirm information to avoid mistake.

4. Entry Completed

A confirmation of your entry will be sent to your registered email. In case of insufficient information and/or error in uploading image file, the IAPLC steering committee may contact your at the registered email.