10th Anniversary Party in Niigata
2 days event full of Nature Aquarium guarantees your satisfaction!

The 10th Anniversary Nature Aquarium Party will take place in Niigata where ADA head office is located on October 2nd and 3rd. This is the first time to organize the party in Niigata since 2006, and you can enjoy friendly, and cozy environment in Japanese style Hotel with a hot spring. You can have a completely open relationship with your fellow planted aquarium hobbyists/professionals gathered from all over the world.
We look forward to seeing you soon here in Niigata!

Event program (tentative)

  • IAPLC Awarding Ceremony
  • Rollout of the IAPLC award winning works
  • Lecture by Takashi Amano including IAPLC winning tips
  • Comments on winning works from IAPLC juries
  • Party
    * It is a time to meet other hobbyists from around the world with Niigata's local specialties. There will be IAPLC special prizes and other amenities only for this 10th anniversary party.
  • IAPLC 2010 Awarding Ceremony
  • Iwagumi Challenge
  • Nature Aquarium Gallery tour
  • Lunch with Niigata's local cuisine
  • Photo-shooting with participants and ADA staff


Date: October 2-3, 2010 (2days)
Place: Minoya hotel, Niigata
(this will be party site and your lodging)
Fee: JPY24,000 per person (including local tax)


  1. The room is shared with maximum 4 persons.
  2. Including accommodation and meals.
  3. If you wish to have a single room, the charge is JPY25,000 per person.
  4. If you wish to have a room with less than 2 persons, the charge is JPY27,000 per person.
    (Limited numbers of rooms are available for above 3 and 4, so please apply as early as possible)
  5. For a party of 4 or more, we book a shared room for each group.
  6. Please contact us for the fees of special conditions such as participating on only Oct. 2nd (JPY16,000) or children ages below 6.
  7. For guests requiring VISA for entering Japan, we are willing to provide VISA supporting documents to submit to your local consulate general of Japan. But we kindly ask those guests to bear the cost of preparing necessary documents, and shipment cost by EMS. (JPY2,000 per person)
    E-mail: ada@adana.co.jp

Optional Stay in Niigata

After finishing the Nature Aquarium Party on October 3rd afternoon, for guests wishing to stay one more night at Minoya Hotel for touring around Niigata, we also prepared a special package of optional stay in Minoya Hotel.

Fee: JPY13,000 per person (including local tax)

Optional package includes;
Accommodation at Minoya Hotel on October 3rd, including dinner and breakfast
Transfer to JR Yahiko Station or JR Tsubame-Sanjo Station

For those guests staying one more day in Niigata, we also open our Nature Aquarium Gallery in the morning of Monday, October 4th. We can also introduce aquarium stores in Niigata city, or give advice for touring around Niigata.
You can check the tourist spot on following website.

Application and payment

You can apply for the Nature Aquarium Party from below web page.

*All photos were taken at NATURE AQUARIUM PARTY 2006 in Niigata.



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